Chill-Out Course

サイクリングコース | スマキタ
Kita-Kyushu Airport Course

Starting in Mojiko, this is a long course with the aim of getting all the way to the Kita-Kyushu Airport.

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Starting in Kokura-kita Ward, This is a Long Course Going Along an Open Road to the Airport, Visiting Mojiko Retro, Kanmon Bridge and Other Famous Places.

While going to buildings reflecting the history of Mojiko Retro and leisurely pottering the townscape which reflects aspects of Taisho romanticism still surviving today, the course travels to Mekari Shrine and under the Kanmon Bridge, and then heads directly south after detouring around the Shin-Mojiko district along the coast. It is the perfect road for getting around on a road bike to enjoy the long ride to the Kita-Kyushu Airport, as you enjoy glancing at the Seto Inland Sea on your left.

スマートサイクルライフ北九州 | コースの見どころ

Tour Around Traces of Moji, a Town Proud of Its Glory Lasting from the Meiji Period to the Beginning of the Showa Period in Late 1920s.

A refreshing course along the coast, the road from Kokura-kita Ward runs along National Route 199 heading to Mojiko. As you get nearer to Mojiko, the number of retro buildings increases and you will experience a strange sensation, feeling like you have travelled back in time as you cycle along. In addition, the Kanmon Strait which connects the Seto Inland Sea and the East China Sea still functions even now as a major marine transportation route. As you gaze at the sight of the dynamic strait with large tankers going to and fro, you pass under the beautiful Kanmon Bridge and carry on to Shin-Moji with its concentration of industrial zones. You will enjoy being able to cycle leisurely along the calm and quite road, quite different from the Mojiko Station environs which have been turned into a tourist area.



After Making Your Way Through the Tourist Area, Head Directly South, Detouring Around Shin-Moji. Then the long ride to Kita-Kyushu Airport.

Drop into Mekari Station, where the Mekari Shrine trolley train Shiokaze (Salty Sea Breeze) stops, as well as the Shiranoe Botanical Gardens and the places to see in Shin-Moji district. Depending on the time of year, the oyster shacks may be out, and the area with its botanical gardens where you can see rare flowers and trees has a distinct air about it, different from the environs of Mojiko Retro.


Kita-Kyushu Airport Connecting Bridge, Longest in Japan. Try Taking This Refreshing Road at Least Once and Feel Like You are Riding on Water.

Just as you begin to feel a pleasant fatigue from the long ride, the bridge connecting to the Kita-Kyushu Airport comes into view. Spanning 2,100 meters, this connecting bridge is the longest bridge in Japan that you can cross free of charge. Its graceful appearance extending to the airport with its prominent arc seems elegant and refined at first glance, but belies the powerful seawater sprays which make it the most perilous part of the course. Nevertheless, you definitely want to experience the exhilarating sensation of feeling like you are cycling on top of water.