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サイクリングコース | スマキタ
Konpira Park
Sayagatani Course

Full of Konpira park natural peripheral has been popular as a place of recreation and relaxation for citizens or multiplied by the road or watching the wild birds .

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The area is an oasis not only for cycling but also for walking and jogging. The course is a pottering course that goes through the abundantly green Konpira Park, Itozu-no-Mori Zoological Park, and Sayagatani.

The environs around Konpira Park in Tobata Ward, Kita-Kyushu City, are perfect for leisurely passing time, enjoying pottering by bicycle and walking and exploring the park. The residents are very fond of the park as an oasis in the city which can be enjoyed close at hand throughout the changing four seasons. They can go to Konpira Pond to encounter a variety of wild birds all throughout the year, and also walk along spiral-shaped roads for exploring up to the summit of Mt. Konpira. We introduce a cycling course which takes you from the Konpira Park through Itozu-no-Mori Zoological Park, and Sayagatani, and then to Kita-Kyushu Municipal Museum of Art.

スマートサイクルライフ北九州 | コースの見どころ

Gather at Konpira Park and Jog Though the Facility. Then climb to the Top of Mt. Konpira and Enjoy the View

Straddling Konpira Pond, the wide and open Central Park is held in great affection by the residents with the name Konpira Park. International athletic competitions are held at the nearby Kita-Kyushu Municipal Museum of Art General Gymnasium, which the residents are very fond of as a favorite place for exercise.

There is a vehicle parking lot and a bike parking lot, so after gathering at the park and working up a sweat jogging, you can make your way to Mt. Konpira, going up the spiral-shaped road. From the viewpoint on the mountainside, you look out onto Tobata Ward and Yahata-higashi Ward, a very pleasant view.


Go Through the Pleasant Forest Path and Head to the Kita-Kyushu Municipal Museum of Art

Extending up to the museum, the tree-lined road is very pleasant with the sunlight filtering through the trees. The bronze statues along the road beckon you into the world of art. If you can spare the time, you may wish to get off your bike and go up the hill, taking the time to appreciate each one. After going through the groves of trees and your field of vision opens up, high on a hilltop towering up to the sky you will see the Kita-Kyushu Municipal Museum of Art’s annex, a highly individualistic forum. Designed in the image of a cathedral by architect Arata Isozaki, the symmetrical exterior is called the “Hilltop Binoculars” because when you look up at it from the foot of the hill, it does resemble a pair of binoculars.


In addition to exhibits of works by impressionists and the epic “Kaigan no Ushi” (Cow On the Coast), an earlier work by Hanjiro Sakamoto, the “binocular” portion contains a café terrace where you could become deeply engaged in a discourse about art, while looking down at the town below. In the environs of the museum, you may find it quite pleasant to get off your bike and explore around amid the abundant greenery. On your way back, you will descend down the road you came up and arrive back at Konpira Park before you know it.

If you explore around the nearby area a bit, you may wish to get off your bike and make your way to the Itozu-no-Mori Zoological Park and Kotsu (Traffic) Park nearby. The Itozu-no-Mori Zoological Park used to be called the Itozu Zoo and grew to become a very familiar facility for the residents of Kita-Kyushu City. Even today, you can encounter many unique animals there, and since there is a playground on its side, the area is bustling with children and their parents on holidays. The Kotsu (Traffic) Park is a fun facility where you can enjoy learning about traffic rules and etiquette. You can also rent a bike for free to ride along the roads in the park which is always filled with children practicing bike riding with their parents.


A Course to Leisurely Go Around Tobata Ward, Filled with Many Nearby Fun Places to Explore After You Get Off Your Bike Time to Time.

We highly recommend this course which takes you to Konpira Park, offering rest and relaxation to people like an oasis in the middle of the city, as well as the Kita-Kyushu Museum of Art, and the environs of the Itozu-no-Mori Zoological Park, as you leisurely enjoy exploring Kita-Kyushu City both on your bike and while walking.