Roads You Should Really Cycle Along
Recommended Cycling Courses
for Kita-Kyushu City

Surrounded by mountains and ocean, Kita-Kyushu City is a place with abundant nature. You will want to meander through the town on your bike, or enjoy touring around the area on a road bike. Or you may want to simply cycle around Kita-Kyushu City amid its natural beauty with the wind in your face. Whatever your inclination, we present highly recommended cycling courses for Kita-Kyushu City.
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Nature Courses

Onga Munakata Bike Road

Starting at Onga-machi and ending at Taguma, Munakata City, this is a 34 km road exclusively for bikes and pedestrians. We introduce you to the refreshing seaside course through video.

Kawachi Reservoir Course

This is a cycling course that runs through the midst of nature where you can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, such as at the bamboo grove at Ouma and the Kawachi Reservoir.

Wakamatsu Coastal Course

A touring course on a road that runs straight along the coast where you can feel the salty sea breeze on your cheeks. A road bike is perfect for this long ride.

Hiraodai Course

If you can get all the way to the top of the long hill, you will be able to view the expansive scenery of Hiraodai, which seems as if it has separated itself from Japan altogether. The whole area is filled with places to see and do, such as exploring limestone caves.