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Mojiko Retro Course

A sightseeing course where you can cycle around the town of Mojiko Retro and adjacent areas which still retain the flavor of Taisho Period romanticism.

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You’ll enjoy exploring the Mojiko Retro area which still retains an air of romanticism of the Taisho Period. You can also use the ferry to get to the Karato Market where you can buy delicious seafood.

In the Mojiko Retro area, there are buildings constructed from the Meiji to Taisho Periods that have survived until today. The wooden Mojiko Station building and others that reflect the romanticism of the Taisho Period and produce an exotic atmosphere. When night falls, the “Mojiko Retro Night Fantasy” starts, a light show created by gorgeous illumination and fountains which envelope the buildings in a magical world. In the surrounding area there are museums, art galleries, and many other facilities that create an ambience of history and art. You can enjoy leisurely wandering through the area. If you venture off a little way, around the Mekari Park there are many excellent vantage points to view the Kanmon Strait, and you will be able to see the Kanmon Bridge nearby. If you use the Kanmon Shuttle Ferry which can accommodate your bike, you will be able to take home delicious seafood products from the Shimonoseki Kaiyokan and Karato Market as souvenirs.

スマートサイクルライフ北九州 | コースの見どころ

Sightseeing around Mojiko Retro can be very convenient if you rent a power-assisted bike from “JOYiNT Mojiko.”

If you are off to sightsee around Mojiko Retro, you should consider renting a power-assisted bicycle. It will provide assistance when pedaling, making the bike very easy to ride. Power-assisted bikes are extremely convenient and you will find yourself reaching faraway places with little effort.
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Sightseeing Around the Historical City of Mojiko by Bike.

Moji had prosperd from the Meiji Period to the beginning of the Showa Period. The district has left its mark in history as a port town that supported modern Japan. With its stone paving, brick buildings, and other aspects of its old townscape still preserved, Mojiko is a major sightseeing spot in Kita-Kyushu.

A Beautiful Bascule Bridge. You Might Be in for Some Good Luck If You Can Spot It Raised.

The Blue Wing Moji spanning Moji No. 1 Anchorage is Japan’s only bascule bridge exclusively for pedestrians. Stretching a total of 108 meters, the two sections of the bridge raise to about 60 degrees from the water’s surface to allow ships to pass under. If are travelling by bike, you will have to get off and push it across.


Kanmon Strait Museum (Learn About Mojiko’s History Through the Kaikyo Drama Ship)

The Kaikyo Drama Ship introduces the history, culture, and nature surrounding the Kanmon Strait. It is a captivating facility which everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy. Kanmon Strait is the stage where the real life dramas of the warring Genji and Heike clans took place, as well as the famous duels between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro. The museum affords modern people glimpses of the people back in the day who strutted around the town streets which reflected the romanticism of the Taisho Period.


Single Unbroken View of Kanmon Strait from Mekari Park. Enjoy the View from Both Above and Below of Kanmon Bridge Connecting Moji and Shimonoseki.

Extending from the Mojiko Retro district to the north is the Mekari Park, a popular sightseeing spot overlooking the Kanmon Strait which features a lookout, the Norfolk Plaza, Moji Castle Ruins, and other interesting sites to visit. With a power-assisted bicycle, you can get up Mekari Park easily, and it is well worth the effort.


Take the Kanmon Shuttle Ferry to Shimonoseki

If you are wandering around the Mojiko Retro district, it is well worth the time to board the Kanmon Shuttle Ferry to Shimonoseki. It only takes about 5 minutes and leaves every 20 minutes during the daytime, enabling you to easily cross the strait where you can see large ships travelling back and forth. You can take your bike on the ferry, so you can explore the Shimonoseki side of the strait by bike.


Karato Market

The Karato Market is known as a marketplace for blowfish, but it is also famous as a marketplace for sea bream and young yellowtail. The local fishermen also sell the fish they have caught and raised directly to the public. It is one of the rare local wholesale fish markets in all of Japan selling to consumers. A place you will definitely want to visit.


On Your Way Home, Want to Walk Through the Ocean in the Underwater Passageway?

Did you know that you can actually walk across the Kanmon Strait? After you come to know all about Shimonoseki, you will want to return to Moji by passing through the Kanmon Tunnel Passageway. The Kanmon Tunnel has two levels; the upper level is for vehicles while the lower level is for foot traffic. You will have to get off your bike and push it through the passageway. Being able to cross the Kanmon Strait walking under the water is a rare experience you will not want to miss.

For Souvenirs, Go to the Kaikyo Plaza Which Features Famous Products from Mojiko

After you have seen enough of Mojiko and want to shop for souvenirs, the Kaikyo Plaza is highly recommended. It offers souvenirs unique to Mojiko, local seafood products, miscellaneous goods, confectionary, and an abundant range of other items, in addition to a gourmet dining area with seafood and other types of restaurants. Furthermore, the nighttime view from the Kaikyo Plaza is one of the most spectacular views in all of Mojiko. It is a beautiful town where you can cycle leisurely through Moji during the day and stroll around at night while enjoying the nightscape.

Stroll Around at Your Own Pace On a Rental Cycle

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