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Mt. Sarakura

From Mt. Sarakura,
Symbol of Kita-Kyushu City
Expansive Panoramic View

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Sweeping View of Kita-Kyushu City from Mt. Sarakura. Easily Reach the Summit by Cycling On a Rented Power-Assisted Bike and by Using the Ropeway

The area around Space World Station is packed full of fascinating sightseeing spots for Kita-Kyushu City. Attached to the station is City Bike where you can rent a power-assisted bicycle which allows you to effortlessly ascend the many hills in the city. You can leisurely cycle to all the nearby sightseeing spots.

スマートサイクルライフ北九州 | コースの見どころ

Amusement Parks, Museums and Cable Cars. Kita-Kyushu City is Full of Sightseeing Spots

Renting a City Bike at Space World Station, you will first want to leisurely cycle around the surrounding area. If you ride around the side the space-themed “Space World” amusement park, you’ll get a dramatic, close-up view of a life-size replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery. There is also a museum with comprehensive but easy-to-understand explanations about the evolution of life of all living creatures on earth, from insects to dinosaurs, and the history of the human race. On weekends it is bustling with children and their parents.


Conquer Hilly Roads with Ease. Head to Mt. Sarakura Cable Car on a City Bike

After exploring around the station area, you then travel up the gentle hill toward Mt. Sarakura. The long hill seems to continue on and on, but you can easily handle it with a power-assisted City Bike. When you arrive at the boarding platform for the Mt. Sarakura Cable Car, you’ll gaze down at the Space World you visited earlier and it will look so tiny.

You can Take Your Bike on Kyushu’s Longest Cable Car.

The Mt. Sarakura Cable Car connects the foothill and summit of Mt. Sarakura and is the longest cable car in Kyushu. If it is not crowded, you can pay a hand luggage fee to bring your bike to the top of the mountain. Be careful when getting off as there is a gap between the cable car and platform.


Expansive Panoramic View from Cable Car Window!

The transparent roof is integrated with the cable car windows and makes the massive landscape of Kita-Kyushu City leap out in front of your eyes.


You are not permitted to ride your bike into the summit area of Mt. Sarakura. You will have to get off your bike at the ninth station and push it, or park your bike there and walk to the summit.

The Summit is a Pleasant Space Garden with a Sweeping View of Kokura and Hibikinada


On the cable car, you can ascend as far as Sancho Station, which is the ninth station. From here, you can reach the lookout point using a slope car or walk up using the stairs. There is also a road there, so be careful of cars when descending.

Stroll Around at Your Own Pace On a Rental Cycle

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