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Kawachi Reservoir

Kawachi Reservoir –Brimming
with Nature
Bike Along the Cycling Road
Around the Dam
Where You Can Feel the Four Seasons.

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Kawachi Reservoir remains as the heritage of industrial modernization and an important cultural property. The cycling course which surrounds the reservoir features cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, and colorful leaves in autumn. This is a course filled with nature where you can enjoy the scenery as it changes with each season.

The reservoir is located in Kawachi in Yahata-higashi Ward, upstream of the Itabitsu River which feeds into the ocean at Hiagari in Kokura-kita Ward. The cycling road is along the shore of the lake and bicycles can be rented at the Kawachi Cycling Center. Nearby is the Kawachi Hot Spring (Ajisai-no-Yu Baths), where you can chill out after perspiring all the way up to the reservoir. And when you are feeling refreshed, you can ride back down to where you started. This course comes with high recommendations.

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Beautiful Course Where You Can Enjoy the Four Seasons

When you ride up the long hill from Yahata-higashi Ward toward the Kawachi Reservoir, it stretches out in front of your eyes with its abundant water. The rows of cherry trees planted on the shore attract a lot of visitors who arrive to view the cherry blossoms in spring. In summer, visitors can also enjoy the wild birds playing among the fresh new leaves, while in autumn they can explore the mountainside while viewing the colorful autumn leaves which form a carpet on the ground. The cycling course allows cyclists to enjoy fully the natural beauty of the changing four seasons.

Beautiful, Majestic Stone Dam

The Kawachi Dam was constructed of gravity-type aggregate concrete, reflecting the epitome of civil engineering technology as construction existed at that time. Its majestic, retro appearance evokes a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. Named the largest dam in the East, it was designated as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization in 2007. It has survived until today with no major leaks and is still in full operation. With its imposing figure towering up into the air, you cannot help but to stop and get off your bike to admire its presence.


There is a parking area in front of the Kawachi Dam and you can get a great view on the dam from the observation deck. Going down the stairs at the side of the deck brings you to the Kawachi Cherry Park which has two bridges, the Cherry Suspension Bridge and the Arched Bridge. Viewing the dam is an impactful experience which gives you a feeling of history.


The Extremely Easy-to-Ride Kawachi Reservoir Cycling Road Affords an Opportunity to Bike Across a Nationally-Designate Important Cultural Property.

There is a cycling road along the lakeshore which gives you an exhilarating feeling, as if you were biking on the water. Partway along is the bright red arched Minami Kawachi Bridge which extends to the Kawachi Reservoir and was built to secure industrial water for the Yawata Steelworks. It is a lenticular truss bridge constructed with a combination of iron materials. Due to its shape, it is called an arch bridge. There have been three bridges of this type constructed in Japan, but this is the only one to survive and was designated an Important Cultural Property (by the national government). It is a beautiful structure whose elegant “S” shape curves reflect in the surface of the lake water. Today only pedestrians and bicycles are allowed to cross over it.


Definitely Visit the Hot Spring in the Middle of the Road

After leisurely enjoying the nature-blessed cycling road, you should stop into the Kawachi Hot Spring Ajisai-no-Yu Baths to wash away the perspiration from pottering around all day. The Kawachi Hot Spring Ajisai-no-Yu Baths is a hot spring facility inside the Hobashira Nature Park. From its outdoor baths and their cavernous baths, you can enjoy a sweeping view of the surrounding mountains. These baths have earned high recommendations.