Nature Courses

サイクリングコース | スマキタ
Onga-Munakata Course

Tour the roads While Taking in the Views of the Beautiful Ocean and Enjoying the Salty Sea Breeze.

Course Length: approx. 34 km | Time to Complete: Approx. 2.5hours

Tour the roads While Taking in the Views of the Beautiful Ocean and Enjoying the Salty Sea Breeze. Cycle Along the General Prefectural Onga-Munakata Bicycle Road.

The General Prefectural Onga-Munakata Bicycle Road is a coastal cycling road which connects Onga County, adjacent to Kita-Kyushu City, and Munakata City. Built exclusively for bicycles and pedestrians, it starts at Onga-cho and finishes at Takuma, Munakata City, a total of 34km. It is highly recommended as a course which allows you to take in the views along the coast and the salty sea breeze all throughout the year. Running right beside the ocean and straight in an east-west direction, the cycling road is used by a large number of people who cycle, walk, and jog while enjoying the landscape of all four seasons of the year.

スマートサイクルライフ北九州 | コースの見どころ

A Road Exclusively for Pedestrians and Bicycle Riders Who Can Use It with Peace of Mind. Rental Bicycles are Available, Making It Perfect for Touring as a Family.

The General Prefectural Onga Munakata Bicycle Road has been in use since 1984 with the aim of securing safe bicycle traffic, in addition to contributing to the development of sound mind and body. It runs along the Sanri-Matsubara seaside from Natsuigahama Hamayu Park to Hatsu and connects to Hibikinada in Munakata City, a total distance of about 34km. It is a road dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles, allowing them to enjoy cycling without worrying about cars. This is a course with one of the few places in the prefecture where you can ride right beside the sea, making it perfect for cycling with your family. The bike rental shop is located in the “Aquasian” leisure pool facility, allowing families to combine an outing by car with cycling


※ For rental hours and rates, visit the Japanese-language website for the Ashiyamachi Tourist Association by clicking here.

Crinum, Designated as a Natural Monument by Fukuoka Prefecture, Grow Wild

In Summer, Cycle Along the Cape while Enjoying the Crinum

With its starting point on the west side of Kita-Kyushu City, the Natsuigahama Crinum Park is the northern limit of the range of the crinum, designated as a natural monument by the Fukuoka Prefecture, which grows wild in the park. The white flower grows from July to the end of September along the coast, providing a source of viewing pleasure for people walking in the area.


Around the tip of Cape Kariomisaki is stone pavement with wave-like stones called “Senjojiki” which resembles a washboard known as the Devil's Wash board of Aoshima (Miyazaki) created by marine erosion.


From the Wave-like Senjojiki Stone Promenade to the Sanri-Matsubara Wind Corridor

The road which goes along the cape from Natsuigahama is known as the Namikake Promenade and stretches a total of 2,700m up to Onga River, passing through Cape Kariomisaki, Senjojiki, and Doyama. Bicycles are allowed to ride on it, enabling cyclists to comfortably enjoy wandering around the area while taking in the pleasant salty sea breeze from Genkainada. Proceeding on along the coast, you will eventually encounter a concrete tunnel with wind passing through it. This is a wind tunnel where the wind from the ocean passes through. It is a tiny unique space which fills you with expectations about the cycling experience you are about to enjoy. In addition, you will be able cycle along taking in the ocean breeze while enjoying a view of the greenery of Sanri-Matsubara off on the side.


General Prefectural Onga Munakata Bicycle Road Offers Places to Eat, Stay and Play

The General Prefectural Onga Munakata Bicycle Road is a refreshing cycling road beside the coast. Along the way are many “Michi-no-Eki” (“Roadside Station:” government-designated rest area found along roads and highways) and markets selling local seafood products, facilities the entire family can enjoy, and convalescent homes and accommodation facilities where people can savor an ocean view. This makes it the perfect course for those coming from faraway places, people wishing to take advantage of the accommodation facilities as they tour with their friends, and family trips. When the weather becomes warm and the optimum season for cycling rolls around, consider travelling by bicycle along the General Prefectural Onga Munakata Bicycle Road where you will have no problem finding places to eat, stay, and have fun.


General Prefectural Onga Munakata Bicycle Road Offers Places to Eat, Stay and Play


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