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See a Gigantic Windmill
A Long and Pleasant Seaside
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Kita-Kyushu City is Blessed with Both Mountains and the Sea. Try Biking Along the Nature-filled Wakamatsu North Coast.

The Wakamatsu North Coast is a long coastline extending from Waita in the Genkai Quasi-National Park to Iwaya. It contains the Waita Swimming Beach which residents feel very attach to; Senjojiki which reveals plank-like bedrock during low tide; Tomigahana famous for its setting sun; Iwaya Swimming Beach; and other popular sites. Cycling on the straight road along the coasts gives you an invigorating feeling, as though you can continue biking endlessly.

スマートサイクルライフ北九州 | コースの見どころ

Cycle Along a Pleasant Road While Feeling the Ocean Breeze on Your Cheeks

This is a long beach that seems to extend endlessly. It features Senjojiki pavement, Tomigahana, a lighthouse, Hibikinada biotope, and a powerful wind-powered generator. The National Road 495, along which you can enjoy wonderful natural scenery, is one of the best cycling courses in Kyushu which boasts a feeling a freedom.


A Cycling Course Which Has the Three Important Requisites of Space, Ease of Use, and Beauty

This course coexists with modern facilities fitting the character of Kita-Kyushu City. Once you take it, the sense of liberation it creates is definitely addictive. The Wakamatsu Cycling Course is used by a wide variety of cyclists, such as people using it for daily training, people who use it for touring with their friends on Sundays, and those from far away who hear about it and decide to come. It is one of those Kita-Kyushu roads that we definitely want you to try at least once.