Kita-Kyushu Strongly Supports Cycling Creating Cyclist-Friendly Cities & Towns

Maintenance and Improvement Work is Being Carried Out on Bike Lanes to Better Ensure Coexistence Among Bicycles, Cars and People

Always Cycle in the Bike Lane

Kita-Kyushu City constantly maintains and improves its bike lanes, keeping them safe and fun to use with the aim of enabling the environment-friendly use of bicycles. Work is being conducted on the dedicated bike lane in the middle of central Kokura, and plans are underway to expand further the scope of the work.

Did you know about “Chari-Taku,” a taxi service which transports both passengers and bikes at the same time?

“Chari-Taku,” a Taxi Equipped with a Bike Rack.

Kita-Kyushu City has taxis called “Chari-Taku” (Bike Taxi) which are equipped with racks specifically for bikes. Offered by Katsuyama Taxi, this service allows cyclists to attach their bike to a taxi by simply securing the tires and frame to the rack, without having to disassemble the bike. It is a means of transportation very much welcomed by the bike-loving community.

チャリタク | スマキタ

Extremely Convenient in a Wide Range of Situations

Chari-Taku can be used in all sorts of situations, such as when you are caught in a downpour while shopping; you need to get to a distant starting point for a cycling tour; you’ve become just too fatigued to cycle anymore; or when it’s become too dark to cycle home safely. And it’s especially convenient when you have had a bit too much to drink and you are not able to ride your bike home.

チャリタク | スマキタ

“We want to support cyclists and the city’s urban development.”

According to Toshifumi Hiroishi, president and CEO of Katsuyama Taxi, “We started ‘Chari-Taku’ with the aim of helping even in a small way to promote cycling in Kita-Kyushu City, given the growing consciousness of health maintenance and the ‘Bicycle Boom’ in modern society. Though awareness of the existence of the ‘Chari-Taku’ service is still rather low, Kita-Kyushu City wishes to become one of the environmental capitals of the world, and we wanted the city to become one more of the growing number of environment-friendly cities and towns. ‘Chari-Taku” transports both human passengers and bicycles, and we urge all bike enthusiasts to include it in their cycling life.”


Rent and Return a Bike at Multiple Locations “City Bike” Power-Assisted Bike Rental Service

Great for When You Just Want to Get Around a Bit. Environment-Friendly “Share Cycle”

“Share Cycle” is a bike service in Kita-Kyushu City that uses small yellow power-assisted bicycles which have become its trademark. The bikes are convenient to use when you just need to go the final distance from a station or bus stop to your destination. “Share Cycle” aims to promote a life style easier on the environment instead of using cars to get around in the city.

Anyone Can Use the Service Simply by Registering

Anyone can use the service by simply registering as a member at one of the many Admin Centers in the city or by purchasing an “All-Day Passport” ticket. For details, please visit the “Town Mobile Network Kita-Kyushu” website here.