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Regarding Bicycles Designed for Carrying Children
Child Rearing and Bicycles


A Bicycle Equipped with an Auxiliary Seat for a Child is Allowed to Carry a Child

Bicycles designed to carry children are those which can carry two children safely because they are built to be sturdy; have mechanisms to stop shaking; are stable when parked; have strong frames and other major components; prevent shaking when being ridden; are stable when accelerating; and have other design advantages. Bicycles that fulfill these criteria are capable of carrying two children (under 6 years of age).

Bicycles designed to carry two children have a special construction and equipment necessary to accommodate mounting equipment for the driver and two child seats. Bicycles that are recognized to have these safety features display the “BAA Mark,” or the “SG Mark,” symbols indicating the bike is compliant with safety standards for carrying two children.

BBAマーク、SGマーク/スマートサイクル北九州 子供を同乗させる事が可能なのはどんな場合?/スマキタ

With ordinary bicycles

A rider of a bicycle who is 16 years or older may carry a single child of 6 years or younger if the bicycle has a child seat installed.
※ In addition to the above, the rider is permitted to carry another in a baby carrier.


When two children can be carried...

A rider of a bicycle who is 16 years or older may carry two children 6 years or younger if the bicycle is of a special construction or has equipment which enables the carrying of two children.
※ When carrying two children, the rider is not permitted to carry a third child in a baby carrier.


Finally the children when to rode . Cardinal rule is that down the child for the first time when unloading .

The bicycle is firmly fixed , make the getting on and off of the child after carrying the cargo .

During operation, let's always conscious of " what happens Once you fell ." You will not hold the child's life to drive .

Always and safe driving , if he children what would happen if an accident , please drive Omotte consciousness .

Revisions of Regulations Allow for Doubled Power Assistance
Power-Assisted Bicycles are Convenient for Child Rearing



Power-assisted bicycles are especially suited for carrying children because they accelerate smoothly.

According to the rules enforced by the Road Traffic Law which were revised on December 1, 2008, the maximum assistance ratio for human power for power-assisted bicycles was raised from the former 1:1 to 1:2. This increased assistance ratio means that you can now use less effort to pedal your power-assisted bicycle than before.

Incidentally, the most dangerous aspect of carrying children on a bicycle is the moment you start pedaling. When carrying children, the bicycle becomes heavier which changes your balance. With a power-assisted bicycle, you can now pedal with a 1:2 power ratio, which enables smooth acceleration when you start to ride.

People who frequently carry small children on bicycles should consider a power-assisted bike.


Japan’s Power-Assistance Technology has Entered the Realm of Wheelchairs.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has begun applying its power-assistance technology to the field of wheelchairs. This move is not just for the benefit of the disabled, but also to aim at the expanding seniors market as well. If you test drive a power-assisted wheelchair, you will find that it actually feels light. They are very comfortable to use as just by pushing the wheels, you can take off smoothly and can move the wheelchair along at speeds greater than the force you use to turn the wheels.